• "The Challenge inspires teams to base decisions on restorative principles rather than 'least common denominator' solutions."


  • "Students are surrounded by the systems that they study. Hawaii Prep’s Energy Lab offers a continuous sustainable ‘teaching moment’."


Case Studies

Since its public launch in November 2006, the Living Building Challenge has inspired thousands of people throughout the world to action. Project teams are innovating solutions to create net zero energy, water independent, non-toxic, and culturally rich projects. To date, thirteen projects have achieved certification through the Living Building Challenge, five of which have achieved Full Certification, and many others have entered the twelve-month operational phase required prior to audit.

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Project team members, volunteers in the Ambassador Network and other individuals are advocating for transformative change in the building industry, such as the elimination of worst-in-class chemicals from building products. Regulatory officials are realigning codes to apply a deeper definition for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people. At the same time, the Institute is partnering with a number of organizations to conduct groundbreaking research on restorative building practices. Together, we are forging a visionary path to a restorative future.