Certification Options

Living Building Certification

A Living Building is a demonstration that the built environment can actually help restore the natural environment.  A project achieves Living Building Certification by attaining all Imperatives assigned to its Typology.

Download the Standard to determine which Imperatives apply to each Typology.


Petal Certification

While achieving Living Building Certification is the ultimate goal, meeting the Imperatives of multiple Petals is a significant achievement in and of itself. For this reason, the Living Building Challenge offers Petal Certification. This certification option provides a platform for a project to inform other efforts throughout the world and accelerate the adoption of restorative principles.



Review the Certification Process for projects pursuing ‘Living’ status or Petal Certification.

Net Zero Energy Building Certification

A third option, Net Zero Energy Building Certification, recognizes building projects that achieve the Energy Petal, along with subset of Imperatives within the Place, Equity and Beauty Petals. Certification for Net-Zero Energy building projects is simple, cost effective and critical for integrity and transparency. Learn about the requirements and the certification process for Net Zero Energy Building Certification.