Technical Assistance

In addition to the specific services noted below, the Institute can also fashion customized options to match a project’s needs during the design phases. The project team administrator may inquire about or schedule technical assistance by emailing the Living Building Challenge team via our Contact Us form.

Charrette Facilitation

To steer teams toward innovative yet feasible solutions for their Living Building Challenge projects, the Institute offers an optional service to lead the kick-off meeting or “charrette” and help define fundamental, strategic goals. The charrette should take place at the beginning of a project when the potential to explore is at its fullest. The one-day meeting format focuses on fostering an interactive dialogue that allows participants to consider each area of impact. The two-or three-day format allows time for a deeper examination of promising ideas. The Institute designs the agenda, facilitates the session, and provides a follow-up summary.

Design Development Guidance

This optional service is intended to improve a project’s potential to comply with the Living Building Challenge requirements at a point in the design process where adjustments are still possible.  The Institute spends a day with the team to learn how the project accounts for each Imperative of the Living Building Challenge (an option for a virtual meeting is also available). Following a review of the project documents, we will issue a report outlining our guidance for the team to improve their ability to succeed. It is possible to receive feedback on the Imperatives within a single Petal, select Petals, or all seven Petals of the Living Building Challenge.

In-House Workshops

Customized training is available as an optional service for organizations and project teams to ensure that everyone has a shared fundamental understanding of the Living Building Challenge or particular Petal area. How does it work? Whether there is a specific area of interest or a desire for a private presentation of an established curriculum, the Institute can bring the education to you. The most common workshop requested is a full-day introduction to Living Building Challenge that also includes discussion of contextual information such as development patterns and density, and regulatory, financial, behavioral and technological barriers and incentives. We also offer customized technical assistance for teams working on projects currently in the design phase.

Product Consulting
The Institute offers customized consulting services to support manufacturers as they embrace transparency and investigate how their products meet the Living Building Challenge requirements. Product Consulting provides technical assistance to aid companies in transforming their products to meet the materials red list and appropriate sourcing Imperatives. The Institute will explore the manufacturing process, supply chain, and product performance requirements in order to identify red list chemicals and materials and alternatives.
The Institute can help innovative manufacturers gain a market advantage through Declare, TrimTab, and the annual Living Future unConference Trade Show. Product Consulting services help manufacturers develop strategies that leverage these platforms to communicate with a growing list of projects and organizations using the Living Building Challenge red list for materials specification.

For more information on fees and scheduling, contact the Living Building Challenge team.