• Net Zero Energy Building Certification

    Whether on the boards, under construction or already in use, Living Building Challenge can put a spotlight on your Net Zero Energy Building.

Net Zero Energy Building Certification

Net Zero Energy is quickly becoming a sought after goal for many buildings around the world – each relies on exceptional energy conservation and on-site renewable generation to meet all of its heating, cooling and electricity needs. Yet the true performance of many developments is overstated, and actual Net Zero Energy buildings are still rare. 

Net Zero Energy Building Certification:

  • Verifies the building is truly operating as claimed, harnessing energy from the sun, wind or earth to exceed net annual demand. It’s one thing to say a building is zero energy; it’s another thing to prove it.
  • Provides a platform for the building to inform other efforts throughout the world and accelerate the implementation of restorative principles.
  • Celebrates a significant accomplishment and differentiates those responsible for the building’s success in this quickly evolving market.


To earn Net Zero Energy Building Certification, the requirements of the following five Living Building Challenge Imperatives must be met:

  • Limits to Growth (in part): Curbs the building’s contribution to the effects of sprawled development, which undermines the positive impact of achieving net zero energy building operation.
  • Net Zero Energy: Serves as the primary focus of Net Zero Energy Building Certification.
  • Beauty + Spirit and Inspiration + Education: Underscore the notion that renewable energy systems can be incorporated into a building in ways that are attractive and inspiring.

Read the Living Building Challenge in its entirety and carefully review the intent of these specific Imperatives. For general questions about this program, visit the Details page.

Net Zero Energy Building Certification is a program operated by the International Living Future Institute using the structure of the Living Building Challenge – the world’s most rigorous and progressive green building program.


Registration is the first step toward earning Net Zero Energy Building Certification. The registration cost is $900.00 (US).

Project registration is only available to ILFI or Cascadia Members.  If you are already a member, please log in to register your project. Otherwise, become a member today!


Net Zero Energy Building Certification requires twelve continuous months of performance data prior to certifying. Certification fees are commensurate with the size of your building.