• A powerful network of global citizens

  • Cultivating a Living Future

International Affiliates

We humans are living in an epoch of our own creation. As geologists debate the precise beginning of the Anthropocene, few question the truth of this proposition: for the first time in Earth’s long history, one species has had an effect profound enough to alter the chemistry of the sea and air, change the climate, raze mountains, flood valleys and reshape the habits and habitats of the planet’s flora and fauna.

Through a growing family of International Affiliates, the International Living Future Institute seeks to establish a powerful network of informed, influential and active global citizens who are committed to redefining humanity’s relationships with the ecosystems we inhabit.

We have already seen the collective human capacity to transform the planet. With this network, we join together as citizens of the planet to redirect that transformation toward a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

The International Living Future Institute's Affiliates are independent organizations located in countries around the world that commit to:
  • Educating of the people of their respective Host Country about the vision and goals of the Institute;
  • Creating a national certification program in the Host Country adhering to the Living Building Challenge™ standards and certification protocol as set forth by ILFI;
  • Developing an education program based on the Institute's programs yet relevant to the Host Country audience;
  • Building a research and consulting program that deepens knowledge and understanding of transformative change including, but not limited to the Living Building Challenge™ and its performance areas; and
  • Producing marketing and outreach campaigns to promote the ideas of the institute for regulatory, economic, ecological and cultural transformation.

Contact Us to begin the process of establishing an Affiliated Institute in your country. Together, we can begin exploring the possibilities.