Biophilic Design Overview

Biophilic Design Initiative

Biophilic Design Initiative

Biophilic Design is the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities. The International Living Future Institute has seen a demonstrated need among the Living Building Challenge community for Biophilic Design resources that can take the practice from theory to reality. This initiative aims to achieve the goal of broad adoption of Biophilic Design among the design community, building owners, and cities.

Where to Start

What if we could experience the same physical, psychological, and emotional benefits moving through an urban landscape that we experience walking through a forest?

What if we could right our relationship with nature by transforming the built environment in a way that ensures buildings function in harmony with the natural world?

Creating Biophilic Buildings by Amanda Sturgeon calls for an intentional biophilic design renaissance providing a fresh, insightful place to begin exploring how to create places where people and nature can thrive together.

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"The Biophilic Design Transition Lab is forging a future where our spaces are deeply tied to place, health, and our connection to nature."

- Project Team Member

The Biophilic Design Transition Lab

The Biophilic Design Transition Lab (BDTLab) was founded to develop the conditions for biophilic design to shift the built environment towards designs that improve health in America and create a Living Future. We have set out to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Provide the Biophilic Design Initiative with the structure it needs to scale
  2. Plant the Natural Step Sustainability Transition Labs in the US as a model for bringing pioneering ideas to the mainstream
  3. Develop a new national model for sprouting pioneering, innovative ideas and leading them towards adoption

We know that Biophilic Design works, and what we are seeking is to create a shift in behavior towards a more biophilic future.