Cascadia Green Building Coalition

Cascadia Green Building Coalition

The Cascadia Green Building Coalition’s mission is to convene a community of practitioners that are committed to advancing green building practices throughout the Cascadia region.

The Coalition will:

  • Continue to support our regional Collaboratives and volunteers.
  • Grow our existing partnerships with other regional organizations focused on advancing green buildings and communities.
  • Continue to support and initiate regional advocacy and policy initiatives.
  • Expand our reach to new audiences with new education, networking and outreach programs.
  • Support the growth of ILFI Living Future Challenge programs in the region.

We will be planning and launching a series of interactive events and dialogues in the community during 2018 that will reinvigorate the conversation around green building in the region.

Stay tuned for more and join us at the Living Future unConference for the Cascadia Green Building Coalition visioning event!

Cascadia Collaboratives are the same as other Collaboratives in the Living Future Network, except they are able to work more closely with ILFI staff directly on local initiatives and programming stemming from a shared history, relationships, and geography.

Stay tuned for a full list of Cascadia Collaboratives.

The Coalition will be composed of Cascadia Collaboratives, regional partners and leaders who have a mission to grow green building in Oregon and Washington. If you would like to join us, contact

Is the Cascadia Green Building Coalition part of the USGBC?

As of January 2019, the Cascadia Green Building Council will cease to exist as a chapter of the USGBC. It is yet to be determined how the USGBC and ILFI work together moving forward in the Cascadia Region, but a ‘crosswalk’ that outlines how LEED and LBC work together is forthcoming.

Is ILFI and Cascadia Green Building Coalition a GBCI education provider?

Currently the ILFI can only provide self reporting GBCI credits, as the new fee structure that GBCI has imposed for submitting courses is cost prohibitive. ILFI will continue to provide leading education around green building in the region but will not be representing USGBC’s programs.

How is the Coalition different than the Cascadia Green Building Council?

  • We are not an official chapter of USGBC
  • We are working actively with volunteers and other regional leaders to create a Living Future for the Cascadia region, and supporting each other to be successful.
  • We will hold a larger green building space for new people through increased focus on local partnerships, advocacy and more.
  • We are refocusing our efforts on promoting ILFI programs within the region.

Are other organizations part of the Coalition?

Currently the Coalition consists of our existing Cascadia Collaboratives, but we intend to have a broader Coalition of other regional partners and organizations. If you are interested in joining, please contact