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WholeTrees® Structural Products

WholeTrees® Structural Products are pre-engineered wood components made from un-milled timbers, a by-product of sustainable forest management. WholeTrees utilizes 4"-24" diameter trees that are 50% stronger than their milled lumber counterparts. As part of our engineered structural systems, these timbers provide a low embodied energy and high CO2 capture alternative to steel, recycled steel and traditional milled lumber. The trees are left unfinished or finished with a coat of Heritage Original Finish. A borate treatment is applied for pest and mildew control. Product packages come with PE stamped shop drawings, designed steel connections, and easy installation guidelines. WholeTrees also offers installation services nationally. Our products fit in Type II, III, IV, and V construction and are definable as Heavy Timber within the IBC. WholeTrees was the winner of the Rethinking the Materials Paradigm Pitch Competition at the 2017 Living Product Expo.

01 Sep 2018
Red List Free
  • Westby, Wisconsin, USA
30 (Exterior) - 60 (Interior) years
Salvageable/Reusable in its Entirety, Recyclable, Biodegradable/Compostable

Ingredient List

Component Ingredient Name CAS# % Source
Timber Wood (Various Species) 99-99.95
Wood Finish Tung Oil 8001-20-5 0-0.6
Pine Rosin 8050-09-7 0-0.6
Beeswax 8012-89-3 0-0.6
D-Limonene 8028-48-6 0-0.004
Linseed Oil 66071-03-2 0-0.003
Wood Treatment Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate 12280-03-4 0.05-0.2

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WholeTrees Architecture and Structures