Living Future Accreditation

Living Future Accreditation

Living Future Accreditation is designed to acknowledge the most advanced and progressive thinking professionals that are working towards a living future.

As individuals, we do what we know and have learned, either through instruction or through observation and assimilation. The accreditation program provides the essential education and learning environment. Education empowers us to be better people and effectively contribute to society. When tooled with expertise, ingenuity, and passion, we can transform the built environment and create the optimal space that the environment needs to thrive.

Once accredited, you will be able to use the post-nominal initials, “LFA”, as well as the LFA seal for a period of two years after your accreditation date. Upon request, you will also receive an electronic certificate. Please email request your certificate.

The achievement of this designation demonstrates your commitment to creating solutions to complex problems and challenges in working towards a socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative environment with a focus on the built environment. Among LFA professionals, you will find leaders in your community – those that understand the need to break down barriers, change regulation, and think at a community generational scale.

You must complete all of the following requirements in order to achieve Living Future Accreditation status:

  • A total of 70 hours must be earned
  • Of those 70 hours, 20 must be earned from Institute specific events or online learning
  • It is important to the Institute that all accredited professionals have a holistic knowledge of sustainable and regenerative design. Therefore, it is encouraged that you have at least 2 hours of content within each of the categories or petals within the Living Building Challenge Standard 3.1

In addition to the 70 hours, you must:

Institute-specific Hours

Institute-specific hours pertain to educational content that the Institute delivers. This includes both live events and on-demand learning opportunities. Additional Institute specific hours can include Ambassador Presenter volunteer hours, Collaborative Facilitator volunteer hours,  pre-approved volunteer work with the Institute and attendance or participation in the annual UnConference, Living Product Expo or Net Positive Symposium.

General Hours

General hours pertain to educational content delivered by established educational providers, volunteer work you have done with a non-profit or charitable organization; hours accumulated from reading case studies, Ecotone titles or similar published reading materials.

Project Team Hours

Project Team hours account for hands-on experience working on registered or certified projects where you are or have been a contributing team member to the design or construction of the project. In order for Project Team hours to be considered, the project name, your role, dates worked, hours, and a paragraph describing your contribution to the project may be requested. You may submit up to 12 Project Team hours per year.

Report Hours For Accreditation

To report hours, log into the Member Dashboard and select the Education tab to access the Accreditation Maintenance Form. You will receive a copy of your reported hours via email. Please keep this receipt. This will serve as your record of reported hours.

All hours must be achieved within one year of submitting your Commitment Form. Hours acquired up to two years prior to submitting your application may be considered. If you are unable to complete the requirements within one year, you must re-apply by submitting a new Commitment Form, requiring another USD $150 fee.

When you have fulfilled all of your hours and requirements, please email Your reported hours will be reviewed and you will be notified of your Living Future Accreditation status.

Renew Your Accreditation

To renew your accreditation, please submit a new Commitment Form. The cost of renewal is USD $150. The accreditation maintenance requirement is 36 hours of education within 2 years of your accreditation anniversary date, of which 10 hours must be Institute-specific. You can report your hours using the Accreditation Maintenance Form.


For support, please direct questions to