Biophilic Design & Connecting to Place

Biophilic Design & Connecting to Place

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All too often our buildings and cities disconnect us from nature and diminish both our own health as well as that of the ecosystem. Biophilic design is an approach that can help us reconcile with nature, and apply our evolved love of nature to the built environment.

Amanda Sturgeon and Tim Beatley join for a conversation where they explored how biophilic design connects and nourishes us mentally, physically, and socially at multiple scales.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about successful implementation projects of biophilic design at multiple scales
  2. Become familiar with the issues surrounding biophilic design and connecting to place
  3. Discover tools and resources for engaging in biophilic design at multiple scales
  4. Understand the overlaps between Biophilic Cities and the International Living Future Institute

Continuing Education

This course is approved for the following continuing education credits: