Free Webinar: Biophilic Design & Connecting to Place

Free Webinar: Biophilic Design & Connecting to Place

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All too often our buildings and cities disconnect us from nature and diminish both our own health as well as that of the ecosystem. Biophilic design is an approach that can help us reconcile with nature, and apply our evolved love of nature to the built environment.

Join us for a conversation with Amanda Sturgeon and Tim Beatley where they will explore how biophilic design connects and nourishes us mentally, physically, and socially at multiple scales. In this inherently fun and creative conversation, they will share a few case studies and answer questions from the live audience.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about successful implementation projects of biophilic design at multiple scales
  • Become familiar with the issues surrounding biophilic design and connecting to place
  • Discover tools and resources for engaging in biophilic design at multiple scales
  • Understand the overlaps between Biophilic Cities and the International Living Future Institute


Amanda Sturgeon CEO, International Living Future Institute

Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA is the CEO of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). She is the author of Creating Biophilic Buildings, the founder and driving force behind the organization’s Biophilic Design Initiative and is a sought-after expert on biophilic design around the world. Amanda is an award-winning architect who enjoyed a successful 15-year career working to harmonize the relationship between people and nature on projects such as Islandwood on Bainbridge Island, Washington. In 2013 she was elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in recognition for her extensive advocacy and volunteer service to the green building movement, for which she has been a visionary leader. She was named one of the top ten most powerful women in sustainability in 2015 as a recipient of the Women in Sustainability Leadership Award. Amanda grew up in the United Kingdom, became a citizen of Australia, and now lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with her nature-loving family.

Tim Beatley Founder and Executive Director, BiophilicCities

Dr. Tim Beatley is the Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities, in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture at the University of Virginia, where he has taught for the last twenty-five years. Much of Beatley’s work focuses on the subject of sustainable communities, and creative strategies by which cities and towns can fundamentally reduce their ecological footprints, while at the same time becoming more livable and equitable places. Beatley believes that sustainable and resilient cities represent our best hope for addressing today’s environmental challenges. Beatley is the author or co-author of more than fifteen books on these subjects, including Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities (recently translated into Chinese), Habitat Conservation Planning, Native to Nowhere: Sustaining Home and Community in a Global Age, and Planning for Coastal Resilience.

Continuing Education

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