Healthy Houses / Healthy Interior: Zdravé domy / Zdravý interiér

Healthy Houses / Healthy Interior: Zdravé domy / Zdravý interiér

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Healthy houses / Healthy interior (Zdravé domy / Zdravý interiér) is an international conference about using natural materials and creating healthy environment in architecture.

It started in 2005 in Brno, and now rotates every second year with Bratislava.

Our goal is to present the latest trends in natural materials, and share experience in Central Europe. Every year is tour to different example of natural building.

Saturday 23.9. is in Theatre S2 in Žilina ( mostly for general public where companies and craftsmen will be presented and giving advices for ecobuildings and renovating.

Sunday 24.9. is an excursion. We will start with an example of renovating an old stable to a livable house, with natural materials, and continue with 2 strawbale houses an end in Ecocenter, where courses are taking place.

Saturday 25.9. is day for professionals and experts to be introduced to the Living Building Challenge 3.1 Standard and philosophy.

This event takes place in Slovakia and will be presented in Slovak.

Event website and details (also in Slovak).