Introduction to the Living Building Challenge

Introduction to the Living Building Challenge

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What if every act of design and construction made the world a better place? With the Living Building Challenge, you can create buildings that are:

  • Regenerative spaces that connect occupants to light, air, food, nature, and community.
  • Self-sufficient and remain within the resource limits of their site. Living Buildings produce more energy than they use and collect and treat all water on site.
  • Healthy and beautiful.

Living buildings give more than they take, creating a positive impact on the human and natural systems that interact with them. But how can you build a Living Building? How can you help others do so? Come and learn, from the Director of Policy and the Living Community Challenge, Alicia Daniels Uhlig! 

Admission is FREE with light refreshments provided.

Know a thing or two about the Living Building Challenge? Check out this event later the same day.

Hosted in the Native American Student + Community Center



Generously hosted by the Portland State Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, USA.

Engineers Without Borders Portland State is a student chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA. We are dedicated to assisting developing communities around the world. With students from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and skills who work in concert with faculty advisors, professional mentors, and local community leaders, we assess and implement engineering projects that provide basic human needs, such as clean water, power, sanitation, and education. We believe that we can empower developing communities to improve their own conditions while developing our skills as professionals and as leaders. Interested? Contact us at or visit us