Lane County Construction + Demolition Recycling Requirements

Lane County Construction + Demolition Recycling Requirements

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In compliance with elements of the State of Oregon’s recycling regulations, Lane County will be implementing a Construction and Demolition (C&D) recycling requirement at the Glenwood and Short Mountain Landfill locations.

This will require all loads over 6 cubic yards be sorted for recycling by the generator or be delivered to a material recovery facility for sorting, on July 1, 2018. Lane County’s Glenwood transfer station and Short Mt. Landfill (SML) will no longer accept C&D loads containing recyclable materials, and customers arriving at these facilities with unsorted loads that contain recyclables will be required to take materials to alternative sorting facilities.

Come find out more about how this will impact you or your business. Lane County staff will be on hand to present information about the changes and to answer questions about implementation and impacts. BRING Recycling staff will also be on hand to share best practices for reducing or diverting construction waste from job-sites, and will give attendees information about new BRING programs to reduce costs assocaited with construction debris disposal.

June 28th from 12-1PM in the Saul Room: 3rd floor Atrium Building, 99 w. 10th Ave., Eugene OR. This presentation is open to the public but seatin gis limited so please RSVP.