Maximizing your Handprint: How to Set “Net Positive” Sustainability Goals

Maximizing your Handprint: How to Set “Net Positive” Sustainability Goals

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Today’s sustainability commitments typically focus on calculating one’s negative environmental “footprint” and taking actions to reduce it. While this is a critical first step, it leaves out of the equation all our positive impacts, or “Handprints.” Instead of aiming for zero environmental impact, which is almost never feasible, Dr. Greg Norris, Chief Scientist for the International Living Future Institute, will explore how the Handprint framework allows individuals or organizations to set a more inspiring goal to be Net Positive, where your Handprints are greater than your footprints. Greg will review existing Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tools and discuss how they can be adapted to evaluate Handprints. Learn how organizations have started bringing Handprinting ideas to their companies and employees, creating a culture of positive good. While incredibly valuable to manufacturers of building products, this event’s content will be relevant to all manufacturers, architects, designers, building owners and sustainability professionals. For more information, view the event flyer here.

This is the second workshop in our three-part series, The Building Blocks of Living Products, hosted by the Pittsburgh Living Product Hub, established in partnership between ILFI and the Green Building Alliance to accelerate the Pittsburgh region’s transformation into a center for sustainable manufacturing.


The educational portion of this program will be held from 3:00 – 5:00 P.M, with a happy hour following at 5:00 P.M., hosted by Pittsburgh’s Living Future Collaborative. The Collaborative serves as a group of advocates who help inspire local projects and advise on educational content while advancing the missions of Green Building Alliance and the International Living Future Institute.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about free, publicly available Life Cycle Analysis tools to quantify your negative environmental “footprint”
  2. Understand the variety of green product and building programs that require LCA data, including LEED v4, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and the Living Product Challenge (LPC)
  3. Explore the concept of Handprinting, in relation to footprinting
  4. Hear about how organizations are using Handprinting ideas for employee engagement and innovation


Gregory Norris

Chief Scientist, International Living Future Institute

Benson Gabler

Pittsburgh Living Product Hub Manager, International Living Future Institute

This event is approved for the following continuing education credits: