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The higher education campus – what better place to practice the most innovative and forward-thinking design frameworks? As society supports the transition of the next generation into the work-force, it’s time to design and construct exemplary places that support a future that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative. The Living Building Challenge imagines a campus building that educates as a living laboratory. The Living Community Challenge imagines a campus full of such buildings, working together as an ecosystem. Campuses that embrace the Living Building and Living Community Challenges represent international leaders who have made a multi-generational commitment to resiliency, health, innovation, and equity.  The 2018 Higher Education Summit will gather leaders for an intensive day of inspiration and peer-to-peer learning. Campus planners, deans, board of regents, campus sustainability directors, capital planning and facilities staff, and consultants will share success stories and address persistent challenges faced by higher education campuses in advancing a resilient and restorative agenda.

NOTE: Living Future 18 pre-conference workshops, summits and tours are open to both conference attendees looking to add onto their experience and non-conference attendees seeking to attend.


ALICIA DANIELS UHLIG Living Community Challenge + Policy Director | International Living Future Institute

KATHLEEN SMITH VP, Living Building Challenge | International Living Future Institute