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Pioneering and leading green building & LEED consulting firm in Mexico and Latin America. The firm was responsible for the first LEED-NC ‘Gold’ and LEED Double ‘Platinum’ certifications in Latin America. Providing ‘turn-key’ LEED certification services, Commissioning Authority, Energy Modelling, Energy Audits, Environmental Assessment for Building Materials, Green Building Marketing and Regulatory Compliance, Educational and I+D projects.

How have the employees responded to the JUST Program and the willingness of the firm to demonstrate transparency on these sensitive issues? Has this process and journey helped elevate employee engagement levels?

The firm has seen more job applications as people see how committed our organization is to sustainability and social equity as a whole. Our company is mostly integrated by women (about 60% of our workforce). Thus, for all our associates, gender equity, diversity and our non-discrimination policy has added value to their experience at the firm. Employees have also been happy to participate in volunteering opportunities where they get to share their experience and knowledge with young children and students.

What do you think are the most valuable benefits to any organization pursuing the JUST Label?

Just is easy to comprehend and replicate.  The platform provides the perfect benchmarking platform for companies interested in issues such as safety, employee health, worker happiness, learning opportunities and philanthropy. It also functions as a social justice transparency platform for companies around the world.

In what ways are you leveraging the JUST Label? Are you using JUST in your sustainability reporting, blog articles, social media or corporate communications?

We use our label as a third-party validated sustainability reporting tool, in our social media and website for improving our HR branding and marketing, and also to ensure our public commitment to sustainability.

What advice would you give prospective JUST organizations?

  1. Be open to the idea of questioning your current human resource policies and practices. JUST brings important conversations to the table that otherwise wouldn’t be brought up.
  2.  Don’t be afraid of asking questions. We think sharing experiences between organizations that already had been through the process would be enlightening for both prospective and existing JUST organizations.
  3. Communication is crucial. We can’t stress this point enough. Communicating both your participation in the JUST program and your success in obtaining a JUST Label will keep your stakeholders (both internal and external) engaged and motivated.

What are some of the most important lessons learned about your organization as a result of the JUST application process? 

The importance of having fun and making the workplace a source of happiness is often taken for granted. However, the ‘Employee Happiness’ indicator made us question whether we are actually bringing joy and fulfillment to our associates. We were pleased to confirm through our survey that this was the case.

Can you describe some of the most consequential changes to organizational policies and practices as a result of JUST?

The increase of our budget dedicated to training, continuing education and professional development. The inclusion of a ‘Happiness at the Workplace’ policy which resulted in a direct increase of our employee engagement index which we measure yearly through an internal survey.

Are there specific policy changes that have been particularly well received? Please describe.

Please see above.

Please describe how the firm intends to use JUST as a management tool and framework moving forward. 

Once our organization made a full commitment to sustainable business practices, we embraced the continuous improvement process fully. As part of our strategy for years to come regarding transparency, equity and diversity, we intend to participate every year in JUST and we will invite other partner organizations to join as well!

Photo courtesy of Bioconstruccion Photo courtesy of Bioconstruccion