King Street

King Street

Vital Stats

Certification Status Zero Energy Certified
Date of Certification September 21, 2017
Version of LBC 3.1
Location Seattle, WA, USA
Typology Building
Project Area 3,680 SF
Start of Occupancy June 2016
Owner Occupied No
Occupancy Type Office
Number of Occupants 18

Project Team

Owner 1257 King, LLC
Project Manager Julian Weber
General Contractor Belotti + McHugh Design and Construction Services
Architect Julian Weber Architects, LTD.
Lighting Design Jaidee Weber

Project Leadership and Story of Project

JW Architects has been on a four-year journey to design, build and achieve Net Zero Energy in their new office building, located at 1257 South King Street in Seattle. Their office is the only second office building in Seattle to achieve certification. In 2014, JW Architects selected the site in the urban core of Seattle for its proximity to their homes, projects, and transit options. The project supports alternate transit with bike parking, showers and clothes storage.

“We worked as a team to create a building we could all stand behind,” said Julian Weber, Founding Principal. “Our vision included net-zero energy use, balanced daylighting and flexibility for future growth. Every employee at the firm had a role in the building, making it a uniquely collaborative process.”

The 2-story, 3,600 SF office building has blown-in insulation, LED lighting, a tight envelope, and windows placed for views but minimal heat loss or gain. The natural light that floods the building also allows the occupants to go through their workdays with minimal overhead light. The saw-tooth roofline and clerestory windows support energy efficiency goals and complement the industrial nature of the food manufacturing buildings in the neighborhood.

The architecture and landscape were inspired by Japanese minimalism. Simple lap siding covers the east and west facades, and traditional Japanese Shoji screens influenced the design of the north and south facades.

To make the journey come full circle, King Street was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2017 AIA Seattle Honor Awards.

Photo courtesy of Lara Swimmer. Photo courtesy of Lara Swimmer.

Energy Performance

Actual energy use during performance period 18,822 kWh
Actual energy produced during performance period 28,187 kWh
Net Energy Use -9,365 kWh
EUI 17.5 kBTU/sf/yr

Building Systems Information

Roof R-Value 75.9
Floor R-Value 18.1
Wall R-Value 40.3
Wall Section Description 2x8 stud wall with blown-in fiberglass insulation and 2 inches of rigid insulation.
Window-Wall Ratio 19.4%
Window U-Valve 0.25
Window SHGC 0.37
Window Description Aluminum Clad Wood - Double pane Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass with Argon
Lighting LED Lights, Daylighting, Occupancy Sensors, Vacancy Sensors, Furniture-based Lighting Systems
HVAV System Characteristics Passive Cooling, Passive Thermal Mass
Ventilation Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), Natural Ventilation
Occupancy Occupant Training, Occupant Engagement Strategies, Occupant Feedback from Monitoring System
Photo courtesy of King Street Project Team. Photo courtesy of King Street Project Team.

Renewable Production Systems Information

Solar Electric (PV). 24.26 kW DC/STC, 77 panels x LG Neon, 3 x String Inverters. Located on roof and owned by JW Architects.