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Some of the most efficient buildings in the world, reducing their energy use by as much as 90% from average, go unnoticed. Reveal is an elegant, third party tool that highlights your high-performance projects and shows off your leadership in creating climate solutions.
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Showcase Your High-Performance Building

"ILFI provides so many resources to help net zero energy projects be a success: a network, amazing education, technical consulting, publications like The Power of Zero, and a straightforward, prestigious certification."

- Project Team Member

Benefits of Zero Energy

• Save money by living within your means: Zero Energy buildings have best in class energy efficiency improvements of 60-90% over baseline.

• Energy Efficiency Education: Residents and employees are able to connect with the building by learning to limit their own energy use.

• Freedom from fossil fuels: Plan for a resilient future.

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The philosophy and future of zero energy, nineteen up-to-the-minute case studies, and zero energy communities, all in one beautiful, easy to understand package.

"This book will make architects happy; it makes those of us who care about the climate absolutely overjoyed because it shows another path away from our current paradigm and towards a much sweeter one!" --Bill McKibben

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