Net Zero Energy Building

Net Zero Energy Building

Building operations account for 40% of energy use/carbon emissions worldwide.

Be a market leader in resolving the climate crisis through net zero energy.

Make your next project one of the greenest buildings in the world.

" The Net Zero Energy Building Certification program showed me that it is actually possible to create buildings that regenerate the environment. "

- Project Team Member

Benefits of Net Zero Energy

• Save money by living within your means: Net Zero Energy buildings have best in class energy efficiency improvements of 60-90% over baseline.

• Energy Efficiency Education: Residents and employees are able to connect with the building by learning to limit their own energy use.

• Freedom from fossil fuels: Plan for a resilient future.

Showcase Your Energy Use Profile

Reveal is a simple tool that communicates your building’s energy efficiency profile. Use this label to show off your Net Zero Energy Building or any other building project.
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Showcase Your Energy Use Profile

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Learn more about Certification

Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Certification uses the Living Building Challenge framework to guide project teams toward their goals. Download both of these documents to learn more about program requirements.

Living Building Challenge Standard NZEB Documentation Requirements

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