Living Future Network

Join a global community

The Living Future Network is a group of engaged, global citizens who are working to bring sustainable design to their city.

Living Future Network

The Living Future Network is a community of  local experts that are creating positive change around the world. The community is made up of local Collaboratives that organize events and advocate for change in their city.

There are 90+ Collaboratives in 45+ countries.

The Network is a place for people who want to make a difference, from emerging professionals to seasoned practitioners who have decades of experience. When you join the Network, you can:

Expand Your Network

Connect with people from around the world.

  • Young professionals use the Network to jumpstart their careers and discover mentorship opportunities.
  • Seasoned professionals use the Network to meet other leaders in the industry and find new talent.

Professional Development

Stay connected with an ever-growing  group that offers new opportunities throughout each year.

Make a Local Difference

Find a new way to engage with your city or town. Collaboratives are local groups of Network members. They organize to make the changes that matter most to their area.

There are three different opportunities for volunteers to engage with the Living Future Network.

Join a local Collaborative

Work with like-minded professionals who want to make a difference in your community.

+ Find a local Collaborative

Start a Movement in your City

New Collaboratives are popping up all around the world, but if one does not yet exist in your region, we invite you to become a Collaborative Facilitator. Our staff will connect you with Living Future Network leaders and help set you up for success.

Each Collaborative is overseen by at least two trained facilitators who work with their group to set goals for their community.

The commitment is two years with a goal of passing on the leadership torch and continuing to bring engaging ideas and activities to your local community.

  • Plug into a global network of passionate leaders
  • Host quarterly meetings or opportunities to drive the local conversation on Living Future programs
  • Activate local energy through possible design competitions, research, networking or regulatory reform.

Contact to discuss leading a Collaborative.

Become an Ambassador

Represent a community that is working to make our world a healthy place for everyone. Become a Living Building Challenge expert and teach new audiences about ILFI programs. If you love teaching or speaking engagements, reach out to us to learn more about Ambassador responsibilities.