Generation Green

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Generation Green


The greenest childcare centre in the world is here. The model community of UniverCity is a living, growing testing site for the most innovative urban planning concepts and building designs necessary for the creation of an ecologically robust and economically sustainable future and the home of the UniverCity Childcare Centre Living Building.

Embracing the Living Building Challenge, the most stringent sustainability building standard in the world, the UniverCity Childcare Centre Living Building project represents the pinnacle of integrated design and high performance, demonstrating to the world that our most precious citizens (our children) deserve an environment that is healthy, beautiful and supportive of their needs.

Generation Green tells the extraordinary story of how the UniverCity community leadership along with a talented team of deep green design professionals and a dedicated group of educators collectively elevated the bar for ecological design and early childhood education. Remarkably, not only is this leading-edge facility a net zero water and net zero energy building made with healthy materials, but also the UniverCity Childcare Centre Living Building was delivered at a cost on par with conventional construction. Generation Green is part of the first wave of groundbreaking publications in the Living Building Challenge Series documenting the path to a sustainable future.

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Michael D. Berrisford

About the Author

Michael D. Berrisford is the Director of Ecotone Publishing, a division of the International Living Future Institute and the Senior Editor of Trim Tab, the organization’s quarterly transformative design magazine.

Michael overseas the research, writing and production of Ecotone’s ever-growing portfolio of innovative books on sustainable design, including the Living Building Challenge Series and the Green Masters Series.

Michael is a dedicated naturalist and environmental advocate. In his spare time he eagerly coaches triathlon and running to youth and the young at heart. He resides in the ecologically unique Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada with his wife Melissa, daughter Haley and twin boys Connor and Holden.


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