Integrated Design – MITHUN


Integrated Design – MITHUN


It is clear that a new type of architecture and landscape must emerge that is ecologically sound, socially just and designed for both utility and beauty, if we are to successfully deal with the challenges ahead of us. Success requires a level of integration and holistic thinking still uncommon in the design world.

Integrated Design – MITHUN celebrates the practice, principles and projects of one of the most innovative design firms in North America. Recognized as one of the preeminent leaders of the new green-design revolution emanating from the Pacific Northwest, Mithun, through this publication, opens its doors, to reveal first-hand details of the integrated approach to design and practice that has led to numerous award-winning projects.

Filled with beautiful photography, compelling case studies and informative stories, this book promises to inspire and educate as Mithun leads a new generation of designers to a more responsible, robust future.

Softcover. ISBN 978-0-9749033-9-2

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David R. Macauley

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David R. Macaulay is the author of Ecological Engineer – GLUMAC and the co-author of Ecological Engineer – Volume One: Keen Engineering. A writer and marketing professional for more than twenty-five years, David has served as an editor for three trade and techinal magazines, managed communications for a national facilities engineering society, and written or edited hundreds of articles on architecture, design, engineering and construction. An active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, today he specializes in writing about green buildings and sustainable design. David live in Kansas City with his wife Lanie and children Eli and Susannah. In his spare time he enjoys Kansas City jazz, eco-travel, and – yes – working on a novel.


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