Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future


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Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future


Pliny Fisk III has long been recognized as a leader and one of a handful of original pioneers for what has become the green building/sustainable design and planning movement. Pliny is one of those rare visionaries considered eccentric just for being decades ahead of his time.  He imagines a future yet to be realized—and with tools such as his “Lens” protocols, he begins to chart a course of how we might get there.  The biography titled Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future tells many tales of how the work of this remarkable innovator, inventor, and rabble-rouser influenced a generation of designers.

Author Sam Martin artfully combines specific details from Pliny’s colorful life and storied career with reflections from the man himself,  weaving into the narrative an impressive cadre of Pliny’s colleagues and cohorts through the years. Part mad scientist, part visionary, and always a “roll up his sleeves and get things done” man of the people, Pliny has become an icon of the green building movement. From prototype to podium, Pliny and his Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems have revolutionized the way we design for an ecologically inspired built environment.

This 320-page black and white book, enhanced by its contrasting vintage imagery and futuristic graphic concepts, is the first in a series of publications about GREEN MASTERS who have forged the cutting-edge of sustainable design.

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Sam Martin

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Sam Martin is the director of digital strategy at Texas Monthly. Before joining that magazine, he was director of publishing at frog design, where he was in charge of the firm's global content strategy and the founding editor of the company's Design Mind magazine. Sam is the author of several books of non-fiction, including Manspace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory and The Curious Boy's Book of Adventure. He was also the ghostwriter for Hartmut Esslinger's book A Fine Line: How Design Strategies are Shaping the Future of Business. He is a former senior editor at This Old House and Mother Earth News magazines, and was a contributing writer at The Austin Chronicle.


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