2023 Giving for a Living Future

You Can Ensure A Living Future for All

Imagine a world where regenerative buildings and products restore the health and resilience of economies, cultures, and people.

We are working towards that living future with a community of architects, engineers, manufacturers, builders, business leaders, and other stakeholders. Your gift supports our work to cultivate a society that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative. Learn more about how, together, we are incubating a built environment that restores nature.

Impact Stories

Mona Nahm

While working with YA Studio, Nahm first encountered the International Living Future Institute. “I saw the flower growing out of the dirt as a reflection of myself,” she noted. “I am someone who grew with the resources around me.”
Impact Stories

Richard Franko

The Louisiana Children’s Museum was uniquely designed for New Orleans’ City Park. “This would be a building and place that could only be on this site,” recalled Richard Franko, principal in charge of the project at Mithun.
Impact Stories

Rita Trombin

“Rather than containing its learning environment within four walls, the Green School embraces nature and integrates with the outdoors,” according to Rita Trombin, an environmental psychologist who is a former staff member at the school.
Impact Stories

Rex Hohlbein & Jenn Lafreniere

“We want to use design to create a path for everyone to get involved in ending homelessness,” Jenn Lafreniere, originator of the BLOCK Project, said in a TED Talk she delivered with Rex Hohlbein, the other originator who is also her father.

Your donation helps us

  • Broaden the impact of regenerative buildings and products to restore the health and resilience of economies, cultures, and people
  • Collaborate with Affordable Housing developers using the Living Building Challenge® as a framework to build homes that have no energy bills, are free from toxic materials and are truly sustainable for future generations
  • Expand transparency in social equity for organizations in the built environment ecosystem through the Just® program
  • Advocate for healthy materials for healthier communities with our Declare® label, which provides information on product ingredients and flags chemicals of concern
  • Recognize achievements in the built environment through The Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award which includes buildings, interiors, and communities, that demonstrate the principles and benefits of biophilic design
  • Connect  practitioners, organizations, and everyday advocates committed to transforming the building industry through the holistic lens of climate, health, and equity

A Gift For You

Donate $100 or more to receive one of the following EcoTone books of your choice:



The Inner Migration to Profound Environmental Change

Jason McLennan
The Power of Zero

The Power of Zero

Learning from the World’s Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings

Brad Liljequist
The Living Building Challenge®

The Living Building Challenge®

Roots and Rise of the World’s Greenest Standard

Mary Adam Thomas