Robert Marshall

Director of Sustainability, Mohawk Industries


Robert has been active in all of Mohawk Industries’ various global business units for over 14 years, whether that has been through Mohawk’s corporate laboratory, R&D programs, or sustainability efforts. As a member of the Corporate Sustainability team, Robert leads and inspires all aspects of their businesses to employ sustainability strategies that create positive impacts on the natural environment, employees, and fence line communities. Robert stewards the development, execution, and management of a broad-based, company-wide innovation strategies and ensures that the company’s sustainability effort enhances business performance and supports the long-term protection of our planet. Also, Robert acts as the company’s Governmental and Industry Advocate. He leads the company’s efforts and policies specific to local, state, and federal governmental affairs. Robert has developed relationships with many government entities, non-government organizations, and associated committees. Prior to joining Mohawk, Robert spent time with Dupont and the Department of Energy as a member of their respective research departments.

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