The Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award acknowledges Stephen’s legacy as a pioneer in articulating and applying Biophilic Design principles to the built environment. His advocacy has encouraged widespread adoption of the practice. The award is offered this year for the first time through the International Living Future Institute’s Biophilic Design Initiative.


May 17, 2017: Award announcement 

June 1, 2017: Award submission opens

August 31, 2017: Award submission closes 

September-October 2017: Jury processing/ review decision 

November 7-10, 2017: Award Recognition: Exemplary Projects awarded at Greenbuild in Boston during a Greenbuild Conference shoulder event in November 2017.

In Memorium of Stephen R. Kellert


1. INTEGRATION of Biophilic Design 

2. EXPRESSION of Biophilic Design 

3. EXPERIENCE of Biophilic Design 

4. EVALUATION of Biophilic Design 

All projects submitted must have a description of the Biophilic Design process implemented in their submittal as well as a clear description of the integration of the 6 Biophilic Design Elements and the attributes contained within them. You must address each element implemented and at least 4 attributes within each element. An image must be submitted along with each element and attribute identified.


Priscilla Kellert, Jury Chair Program Director, Yale University Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT)  

Stephen Kieran, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C Founding Partner, KieranTimberlake

Bert Gregory, FAIA, LEED Fellow Design Partner, Mithun  

Peter Kahn, PhD Professor, University of Washington

Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA, LEED Fellow Chief Executive Office, International Living Future Institute


The 2017 Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award submissions that are selected as exemplary projects will be recognized globally as leaders through the International Living Future Institute global network and will receive substantial recognition with our media partners such as Green Building & Design. One award will be given, as well as up to 5 honorable mentions, at the discretion of the jury. The award will be given at a ceremony held before the Greenbuild conference in Boston on November 8, 2017.  


Step 1: Review Award Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Submit the $25 Application Fee (includes free access to Biophilic Design Webinar) 

Step 3: Submit Project Information 

All submissions must be received by 5pm PDT on August 31st. No exceptions will be made. 


Any member of a project team can submit a built project but the owner of the building should be aware of the submittal. Buildings and renovations will be considered. There are no restrictions on the project size, budget, style, building type, or location globally. Projects submitted must be built and occupied. An individual may submit more than one application.