Imperative Certified


mafi is a family-owned company that dates back more than 100 years. The company keeps wood and its health benefits at the core of its business. Words like biophilia, health and wellness are not marketing terms for mafi; they are infused in their product and the nature of the company. Its products are made of entirely natural materials, biodegradable at the end of their life, are carbon-sequestering thanks to renewable energy investments, and support human health and well-being in building spaces by allowing people to truly interact with the material with nothing in between. The grounds feature every native Austrian tree type to educate employees and visitors to the center, greenhouses on-site fed by rainwater support also feed the staff and encourage interaction with nature. Healthy employees make better products, so the product is featured everywhere in the facility, fitness programs are encouraged in the fresh air and in the forest, and a visiting doctor supports employee health and safety. On-site solar power, solar-powered vehicles, and use of wood off-cuts for packaging, sawdust and pellets for on-site energy mean nothing is taken for granted. Respect for the earth and the beautiful trees that make their products is evident everywhere. mafi has achieved LPC Imperative Certification for its Natural Wooden Flooring, but goes beyond the LPC Core Imperatives with additional achievements, including the Carbon Net Positive Imperative.