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Living Future Accreditation (LFA) is the professional credential that recognizes and rewards proficiency in the most ambitious, advanced, and holistic sustainable design standards available.

Photo courtesy of the Georgia Tech Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design

Join the leaders of the Living Future Movement

The International Living Future Institute brings together individuals and organizations that are bringing forth advanced solutions for reinventing our relationship with the natural world, the built environment, and each other.

With Living Future Accreditation, practitioners gain an advantage in the workplace by deepening their knowledge and demonstrating their expertise in advanced sustainability.

Architect & Director
Johansson Group

Auckland, New Zealand

“I feel having LFA both formalises and forms a basis to the learning from that work and lets people know you have that knowledge. To me, LFA is absolutely a good thing to have, regardless of the level you work at, because you get a wide-ranging deep green education that is only going to benefit everything you do.”

Green Building Country Lead International Finance Corporation
(World Bank Group)

Manila, Philippines

Pursuing LFA has deepened my commitment to sustainable development and to helping my country. LBC provided a framework for me to explore the unique barriers and opportunities in regenerative design for developing countries. Achieving LFA also had an influence on my transition to sustainability and development work.”

Founder & Owner
Solid Green Consulting

Johannesburg, South Africa

“We are currently working on two LBC projects in South Africa, and becoming an LFA reinforced the clients’ confidence in me to lead their projects towards certification.”

Ask questions, find answers, and build connections—we are making an impact together. As an LFA professional, you are participating in an international and diverse community of practice that shares a common vision for a Living Future.

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Show Team Commitment to a Living Future

Group LFA grows your team’s recognition as leaders in regenerative design. Join the community of organizations building their capacity to advocate for a Living Future.

Pursuing LFA as a team grows your firm’s recognition as leaders in regenerative design. Join the community of organizations building their capacity to advocate for a Living Future.

Corporate membership packages offer discounts on education and a streamlined way to provide everything your team needs to become accredited.

Achieve the LFA Credential

Unlike other accreditations, LFA does not require a final exam. Instead, the LFA credentialing process is based on modularized learning achievements that advance your knowledge of regenerative design topics.


Enroll in LFA. Upon enrollment, you will gain immediate access to all of the courses.


LFA education follows a sequenced learning path of self-paced video lecture and activity courses. There is no deadline to meet, final exam, or requirement to maintain or renew LFA.

Celebrate Your Achievement

Achievement of LFA recognizes the attainment of foundational competencies and belief in values needed to advance the built environment and community towards a Living Future. Celebrate 


  • Award of Living Future Accreditation certificate issued by the International Living Future Institute
  • Use of LFA as post-nominal letters
  • Continuing education credits for AIA (American Institute of Architects)
  • Listing in the Living Future Member Directory as an LFA
  • Eligibility to fulfill the project team member requirement for the Living Building Challenge


Download the complete guide to LFA for details, including answers to frequently asked questions, fees and discount options, and LFA achievement requirements.

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Our online course catalog offers a a large selection of courses that will help you build both foundational and specialized knowledge of ILFI’s programs and regenerative design. Courses feature ILFI staff and industry experts and cover critical topics from affordable housing to zero carbon suitable for professionals of all levels.

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