Work at the International Living Future Institute

The International Living Future Institute is a dynamic and fast-growing non-profit with a critical ecological mission. We're looking for multitasking, self-starters with a passion for the environment and strong interpersonal and organizational skills to join our team.

Each day, I am emboldened to love more dangerously through my work supporting the Living Future Network. The people around the world that I have come to know through this position have a special place in my heart.

- Sunni, Volunteer Network Coordinator


ILFI provides health and dental insurance, 3 weeks paid annual leave, 12 days annual sick leave, and a retirement plan.

Payscale Equity

ILFI puts a realistic and equitable maximum limit on the differences in employee compensation scales at 1:5.

Family Friendly

ILFI supports Maternity and Paternity leave, sick leave, child illness and school emergencies.


ILFI is committed to being ethically transparent and provides open access to all aspects of our operations.

Biophilic Design Manager

SEATTLE, WA | ILFI seeks an exceptional manager to support the Biophilic Design Initiative and the newly formed Biophilic Design Transition Lab. Over the next two years and beyond, the Biophilic Design Transition Lab will directly engage architects, designers and owners as well as researchers and educators, forge key collaborations with institutions and private sector partners, and bring individuals together in quarterly forums to investigate and create solutions for the broad implementation of biophilic design. The Biophilic Design Manager will oversee the creation of tools, resources and education materials to forge the adoption of biophilic design such as case studies, multi-media and multi-sensory resources and higher education curriculum.
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