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Transforming Policy

Innovation and new ideas run counter to the conventional and as a result, people often resist being early adopters. Our world requires a newfound sense of urgency among policy makers and practitioners alike. This is where you come in.


Our task as advocates is to inspire policy officials, utilities, community leaders and decision makers to replace regulatory barriers with leadership and implement policy initiatives that make it easier, rather than harder, for truly green building. We hope you will be a part of our global advocacy network!

Explore the links below to become involved and learn about an exemplary policy that should be adopted where you are!

Around the world the Institute works with a network of change agents. Project teams inspire Living Buildings; local jurisdictions develop long-range planning in support of Living Communities; innovators design new, efficient technologies; policy makers aim to encourage healthy, sustainable buildings. Our global partners are leading the way toward a Living Future, yet they continue to face regulatory resistance.

The Institute is committed to transitioning these barriers into policy leadership, and to make this happen, we rely on bioregional advocacy groups. Each of the Living Future Congresses consists of experienced, influential sustainability thought leaders consulted to help us identify each bioregion’s priority actions and invited to inspire policy makers to make them happen in support of a Living Future.

We at the Institute launched a bioregional model to expand the reach of our global Living Future Network starting with the Cascadia Congress inaugural meeting in December 2014. Living Future Congresses began to emerge throughout North America in 2015 with the California Congress and the East Coast Congress. Congresses serve as national policy advisors, complementing local advocacy efforts while encouraging people to think beyond conventional political boundaries.

Living Future Congress advisors are senior practitioners, high-level policy makers and seasoned manufacturers, developers and non-profit partners that inspire critical policy change. Congresses are engaged by the Institute as national policy advisors in support of specific initiatives based on technical and bioregional relevance.

Congress advisors are appointed by staff invitation.

Please email us at congress@living-future.org with any questions.

We invite you to review our collection of online tools and resources to aid our policy work around the globe. We have designed this information with our local volunteers, however we welcome everyone in our network to use it to support a Living Future, wherever you are. We will add more resources to this section as they are developed.

Advocacy Tools


The Water Policy Guide is an advocacy resource focused on net positive water. We know from Living Building Challenge teams that water regulations make it difficult for projects to utilize resilient, integrated systems. Thanks to the generous support of The Kresge Foundation, this document includes our assessment of existing regulations in the United States, highlights current policy precedents and calls for 3 critical policy changes. We hope to continue this research across our global network to ensure that all water is used and re-used as a precious resource in all of our buildings and communities.

Policy Leadership Toolkit

The Toolkit for Policy Leadership includes a Model Incentive Ordinance and Model Municipal Commitment for our volunteers to use as they work with their local governments to create incentives for Living Buildings and Living Communities.

Case Studies

Though designing a net positive water system can be complicated, it’s the permitting of the system that is often the most challenging aspect for project teams. These nine water policy case studies document the regulatory successes achieved by several project teams and regulators around the country. Their accomplishments are crucial steps forward in the story of restorative integrated water management. Their lessons learned can assist future projects in their own regulatory partnerships.

Transforming policy will take a team of us working together to engage and influence regulators, policy makers, industry representatives and community partners.

We encourage you to join the advocacy movement:

Thank you for joining this global advocacy movement and helping us launch a new era of living policy leadership!
For more information, contact us on advocacy@living-future.org.