The Sacred Heart School (SHS) Lower and Middle School campus includes four new buildings that have been arranged around a large, landscaped space to preserve existing heritage oak trees. The new buildings include two classroom spaces, a performing arts and assembly hall, and the Stevens Library. The Stevens Library is the academic and social heart of this 21st-century K–8 campus. The Library reflects Sacred Heart School’s values of social awareness, sustainability and community. It also serves as an educational resource and regional exemplar of sustainability for students, staff and the community. The primary mission of this high-visibility campus hub is to teach the students about being stewards of our planet. In support of that mission, a key goal was to display the ways in which its construction and daily operations contribute to the school’s ethos of conservation and stewardship. The project team’s motivation to design and build a Net Zero Energy library was to create a building independent from fossil fuels, committed to resource reduction and dedicated to a healthy environment. The Stevens Library – a light-filled, healthy, flexible learning environment – enhances the vitality of the 10.4-acre campus.