Petal Certified


Full case study coming soon.

MossWallArt™ creates dramatic spaces and sets a new bar for the extraordinary. MossWallArt are mimics of the natural beauty that surrounds us, bringing the outdoors inside, preserving a gorgeous moment in nature. There are infinite design possibilities and different shades can be combined to create random patterns. They draw you in visually, absorb sound and are a calming element of nature. MossWallArt by Plant Solutions speak to our innate Biophilic need and are featured as a leading edge innovation in Biophilic design. MossWallArt enriches any space and is the perfect addition for any decor. Living MossWallArt pieces are made with 100% real mosses, lichens, natural woods and organic features, each piece is a handcrafted original work of art.

The International Living Future Institute is proud to award PlantSolutions MossWallArt™ with Living Product Challenge Petal Certification.