The Living Community at Sacramento Valley Station (SVS) and the associated Area Plan poses a unique opportunity to grow a regional transportation hub in the midst of a large developing urban center on a former Brownfield site. The project centers around goals of revitalizing a downtown liability to make a positive regional asset, reducing carbon emissions from transportation and buildings, preserving and enhancing the local ecosystems of Sacramento, and enabling sustainable mobility choices by mending discontinuities in the circulation network for active transportation modes.

The Area Plan further turns the severe divide of the rail tracks into a positive attribute with amendments to the existing passenger tunnel and a future station bridge between the historic city center and the new Railyards development. These connections will deliver several million square feet of historic/ cultural, retail, residential, sports, medical and office uses developing north of the tracks, directly to the station hub that already serves a growing downtown center. The Sacramento Valley Station Area Plan Is an opportunity to showcase best practices in urban infill development, human-powered transportation, energy and water conservation, resilient design, and ecological restoration.