Petal Certified


Mohawk Group, the world’s leading producer and distributor of quality commercial flooring, delivers industry-leading style, cutting-edge innovation, unmatched service and superior sustainability. As the commercial division of Mohawk Industries, Mohawk Group has a heritage of craftsmanship that spans more than 130 years. The company’s enduring family of brands – Mohawk, Karastan and Durkan – are widely regarded as the most trusted names in the commercial flooring business. Together, these brands function beautifully, delivering the perfect flooring solution for all markets and price points.

Mohawk believes that it can build a better world by listening to Mother Nature. Mohawk is redefining flooring with products that not only minimize climate impacts, but also foster beauty and allow people to thrive. This commitment extends to its customers, employees and communities – because believing in better is good for everyone.

We are setting a higher standard to help ensure products contribute to healthy spaces, are designed to inspire and will give back more to the environment than it takes. To receive this prestigious certification, the Nutopia Matrix Collection met the requirements of four Petals: Place, Water, Health & Happiness, and Beauty.

Top Hurdles to CertificationDescription of Solution/Changes Implemented
On-site Renewable Energy RequirementAlternative compliance pathway through Smart Flower implementation and RECs
Collection of material ingredient information from suppliers within short time-frameExtensive supplier outreach and continuous correspondence

3-YEAR HANDPRINTING PLANS: In order to offset the cradle-to-grave impacts of Nutopia Matrix Carpet Tile, Mohawk has developed 3-Year Life Cycle Net Positive plans for Water and Climate. In continuing to Believe in Better, we have chosen community based partnerships in our journey to create net positive products.

3-Year Plan Impact AreaOffset Required Per Unit of Product
Water0.0226 cubic meters
Climate8.41 kg CO2-eq



Mohawk Group’s commercial carpet plant in Glasgow, VA sits at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the Maury River. On either side of the small town of Glasgow is the Shenandoah National Park and the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Built in 1935, the facility is located on approximately one hundred ten acres.

Mohawk employs seven hundred fifty associates in the thirty-six-acre facility manufacturing commercial carpet tile. In achieving the Place Petal, Mohawk looked for ways to create a healthy coexistence between the manufacturer and the natural environment. The company maintains an apiary with eight hives to support the local bee population. The hives are kept by one of Mohawk’s tufting associates who has been a beekeeper for more than 25 years. Mohawk is also improving the greater ecosystem by joining Businesses for the Bay (Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay) as a founding member.


As part of the habitat exchange imperative, Mohawk will be contributing towards The Trust for Public Land White Marsh Project. The Trust for Public Land creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Since 1972, it has protected more than 3.3 million acres and completed more than 5,400 park and conservation projects.

For over 25 years, The Trust for Public Land’s Chesapeake Bay Field Office has focused on protecting land along the key rivers that feed into the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States and one of the most productive bodies of water in the world. While establishing new public access to these rivers and the Chesapeake Bay has always been at the heart of its work, the office also achieved significant conservation gains through securing conservation easements along large shoreline properties. Protection of the 389-acre White Marsh property in Caroline County through the acquisition of a conservation easement supports the land protection goals of the multi-state and federal Chesapeake Bay partnership, including the protection of wetlands and forestland with high ecological value.

Name of Habitat Exchange ProjectWhite Marsh Project
Name of Participating Land Trust:The Trust for Public Land
Land Trust Website



The Glasgow, VA area experiences a generally temperate climate with warm summers, and cold, but not severe, winters. Annual average minimum temperatures 44.5 (F) and average maximum temperatures are 66.4 (F). The majority of water consumed at the Glasgow plant is taken from onsite wells with a small amount of potable water coming from the Town of Glasgow. The Town water systems draws water from municipal owned wells. All wells are recharged by the James River.

As part of the Living Product Challenge certification, Mohawk conducted an LCA analysis on EcoFlex Matrix with Duracolor Solution Dyed Nylon 6 Face Fiber. Based on the blue water usage 0.0226 m3/yd2, the total footprint of the purposes of this certification is 3,390 m3 on an annual basis.

For the Water Petal, Mohawk sought to create a positive impact by developing a strategy for water savings that will exceed the 895,543 gallons per year used for manufacturing Nutopia Matrix. To achieve that goal, Mohawk has expanded its efficient fixture program initially a partnership with Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. To offset the water needs of Nutopia, Mohawk will partner with Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia by installing 152 showerheads in various dormitories on campus. The average annual water savings for all showerheads equates to 4 million gallons of water, meaning that annually the handprint of the low-flow showerheads is greater than the cradle to gate footprint of the product.

Water Consumption Per Unit of Measure0.0226 cubic meters
On-Site Annual Water Use3,390 cubic meters
LCA Unit of Measurecubic meters


  1. Yarn
  2. Water Used During Manufacturing
  3. Stabilizer Scrim
  4. ABS Backing
  5. Polypropylene


Mohawk as a company is constantly evaluating health and wellness programs for our employees and is committed to creating a healthy and safe workplace. In North America, Healthy Life Centers (HLCs) and biometric screenings are the centerpiece of our wellness initiatives. Currently, we have 17 HLCs at our largest facilities that log more than 4,000 visit per month. The Eden facility has a HLC that provides preventative and acute care to employees and their families. As part of our wellness program we provide employees with health coaches to guide them in them in achieving their goals. Additionally, the plant has a stretch and flex program in place to be practiced by employees before their shift. This program involves stretching exercises to warm up muscles and help prevent soft-tissue injuries. The health and wellness of our employees is top priority.


To meet the Net Positive Material Health Imperative, Mohawk conducted an inventory research for all of the raw materials that are in Nutopia Matrix’s supply chain to verify the absence of any red listed chemicals.

We worked with third-party assessors and a toxicologist to conduct in depth-analysis of all chemicals that are part of the product’s supply chain.


Mohawk’s Glasgow Virginia modular tile facility borders the Maury River amidst its biodiverse and environmentally significant surroundings allowing employees to experience nature in their daily lives. Employees often see butterflies, birds and deer enjoying the two National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitats. The facility has donated the materials for a ten station fit trail that will be installed along the town’s walking trail. Like many Mohawk facilities, the location also has an on-site Healthy Life Center, which is part of the company’s wellness program. The center offers health coaches to guide associates toward achieving their fitness goals.


For Nutopia Matrix, Mohawk used a special innovative yarn system called Heathered Hues, which is an expansion of Mohawk’s existing Duracolor yarn bank. This fiber was designed to be textured and blended to provide visual texture and dimension when tufted, allowing for a variegated wool-like appearance, our most natural looking nylon fiber to date. The system was designed to do more with less. The yarn itself is dematerialized and has a low environmental impact. As a solution dyed fiber, no water is used in production. This is the same yarn that makes our award-winning Lichen Collection, the world’s first petal certified Living Product Challenge petal certification by meeting stringent sustainability requirements.


Mohawk has evaluated its Matrix backing combined with our internal N6 Solution-Dyed Duracolor fiber and all ingredients against the Red List.


100% of the product’s total materials budget is sourced from within a 2000km radius.


FSC Certified wood is challenging to source in this region. Mohawk’s current suppliers ensure that the materials for packaging are responsibly sourced and managed. Mohawk conducted due diligence as part of the certification and will continue to seek responsible sourcing packaging alternatives.


EXCEPTION USED: I09-b: Due Diligence


The Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm, LLC is located in Beckham and Roger Mills counties in Western Oklahoma. The wind energy farm sits on over 7,500 acres of agricultural and grazing land. The project has a capacity of 132 MW, consisting of 66 wind turbines.

Mohawk Group is partnering with Groundswell to develop community solar projects and programs that connect solar power with economic empowerment, beginning with the installation of four smartflower™ solar systems in 2018 in communities of concern or educational institutions with STEM programs in New York City, Chicago, Eden North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. In the next three years, Mohawk Group will add an additional six smartflower™ solar systems at STEM schools and community center throughout the United States.

Name of Carbon Offset ProjectDempsey Wind Ridge Project
Location of Carbon Offset ProjectBeckham and Roger Mills Counties, Oklahoma
Climate Impact Per Unit of Measure8.41 kg CO2-eq
On-Site Annual Climate Impact1,261,500 kg CO2-eq
LCA Functional Unit1 square meter


  1. Yarn
  2. Polypropylene
  3. Manufacturing Electricity
  4. Stabilizer Scrim
  5. ABS Backing


The nylon modular tile on EcoFlex Matrix products are designed to last as useful, functioning products for at least the average lifetime for its product category, as documented in the Institute’s online Product Life Database. The Hexapod Rating System reflects data in connection to specific performance warranties. The following collection traditionally receives ratings of 3.0+, which correlates to Mohawk’s Heavy Foot Traffic recommendation.


Mohawk’s ReCover program offers the opportunity to recycle the old carpet domestically. Depending on the project location, we will recycle old carpet through our network of carpet recyclers across North America. We will take any carpet, regardless of the manufacturer. We handle containers and coordinate shipping. Recycling your carpet helps us ReCover a valuable resource for the future of our planet.



New construction and/or renovation projects in the residential market rarely-if-ever specify or require commercial products. Despite that Mohawk would be willing and pleased to provide the following products at a discounted price to affordable housing projects (at a price comparable to similar products).


Mohawk Group demonstrates consistent responsible manufacturing across its entire operation. We are not involved with the manufacture of weapons or armaments, tobacco products, violent video games, or illicit drugs. Additionally, we are not involved with fossil fuel extraction; nuclear energy production or nuclear weapons manufacturing; facilitate payday lending, gambling, or patenting of life; charge interest rates significantly in excess of market peers for comparable offerings.



As part of the Equitable Investment imperative, Mohawk Group will be contributing towards Groundswell. Groundswell develops community solar projects and subscriber management programs that connect solar power with economic empowerment for marginalized communities.

Groundswell’s community solar programs enable neighbor to work together to Share Power© through community solar, offering substantial energy savings to low income households. They develop community solar projects and subscriber management programs that connect solar power with economic empowerment for marginalized communities. They believe that clean energy is a necessity, not a luxury; we’re all in this together, and we can’t afford to leave our neighbors in need behind.



Through the installation of 10 smartflower™ solar systems throughout the United States, and combining that with the purchase of carbon credits, Mohawk Group is offering carbon neutral living products.


Nutopia by Mohawk Group is a Living Mega Collection. This comprehensive modular plank carpet system of six new styles pays homage to the aspirations and optimisms of humankind. With people moving to cities in search of opportunity and community, urban areas are constantly changing and embracing new ways of working and living.

Inspired by the idea of “urban fabric,” where people coexist with buildings and the street, the design team looked at metaphors for how urban design can translate into patterns of balance, acceptance, and integration – where the poetry of city life is embraced and woven together into a mélange of culture and contact.

This mega collection is comprised of six styles that can transition across the floor plane or create defined areas in the built environment. They can be used together as a cohesive system, or separately depending on the desired configuration, end use, and budget. Layouts can be subtle, or vivid and dramatic, just like the dynamics of city life.

The collection encompasses two different tufting technologies that create distinct textures and visuals for the floor, allowing for contrast between the styles. This gives designers an opportunity to delineate space using variable material changes via pattern, color, and texture.

Innovative precision tufting technology was used to create the core of the Nutopia collection, so the textures and colors are pronounced with a luxe sculpted appearance.

Heathered yarns provide rich visual texture and dimension, allowing for variegated, wool-like appearance that conveys equal parts warmth and sophistication. All are made with Mohawk’s Duracolor solution dyed premium nylon yarn for permanent stain resistance, and come standard on EcoFlex Matrix, a Red List Free backing.

Additionally, there are two styles made in a flatter level loop construction to round out the collection:

URBAN TRANSIT has an active, shifting pattern. And URBAN TRANSIT offers a more overall gestural pattern. Both of these styles are made with a mix of heathered and solid yarns to emphasize the pattern work. These styles feature Mohawk’s newest generation of innovative and highly sustainable backing – Matrix – which is dematerialized to use less raw material and energy and to minimize the carpet tile footprint.