The Living Learning Center is located at Tyson Research Center, an environmental field station for Washington University in St. Louis. The site and building builds on the sustainable eco-systems research ongoing at Tyson. The site has been transformed from a degraded asphalt parking lot to a native landscaped garden replete with pervious concrete, local stone pavers, and a central raingarden. The building fosters indoor/outdoor education with a large multi-use classroom that opens directly out to a locally-harvested white oak deck. The building is clad with Eastern Red Cedar with siding is site-harvested. All interior finish wood is harvested onsite. Net Zero Energy is provided by Photovoltaic panels mounted both on the roof and on two horizontal trackers. Potable water is provided by a chemical-free rainwater harvesting system. Greywater is treated in an infiltration garden and blackwater by composting toilets effectively eliminating the concept of waste.