About Declare

About Declare

  1. Where does a product come from?
  2. What is it made of?
  3. Where does it go at the end of its life?

Declare is a transparency platform and product database that is changing the materials marketplace.

What's Included on a Declare Label?

Declare Label

Declare is a targeted way to connect with future customers. We offer an expanded point-of-entry into groundbreaking regenerative projects and a powerful platform to connect with consumers. Benefits of Declare:

Declare serves a dedicated market of highly-visible:
• Living Building Challenge projects
• Architecture firms
• Corporations
• Municipalities

These groups use the Declare Database and Living Building Challenge Red list to make specification decisions.

Consumers value transparency. Declare is a tool to show customers that your product is one that they can trust.



The tiring materials specification process just became much easier. We offer a free resource to help you make product selections. The Declare Database is:

By offering a platform for public disclosure that surpasses any other materials label, Declare rises above the greenwash and enables a deep connection between suppliers and consumers.

Declare takes complex chemical analysis and raw material source location information and provides it to consumers in an easy-to-use nutrition label.

Spreading the use of healthy materials is important to us. The Declare Database is free for everyone.

Declare has been approved as a compliance pathway for the LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Credit, Option 1. The LEED v4 credit calls for the chemical inventory of a product to at least 1000ppm; Declare labels that achieve a declaration status of “Red List Free” or “Declared” fulfill the credit disclosure requirements.

Additionally, any fully disclosed “LBC Compliant” label and any “LBC Compliant” label using the I10-E4 Proprietary Ingredients Exception, with a minimum disclosure threshold of 99.9%, meets the LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Credit, Option 1 reporting requirements.

Learn more about using Declare Labels for USGBC’s LEED v4 Material Ingredients Credit, Option 1. 

The Red List contains the worst in class materials prevalent in the building industry.

The commonly-used chemicals on the Red List are:

  • polluting the environment
  • bio-accumulating up the food chain until they reach toxic concentrations
  • harming construction and factory workers

+ Learn More about the Red List

To meet the increasing demands for transparent building materials in international markets, the Institute has partnered with capacity-building organizations to provide outreach and support to international markets. The Declare International Partner program provides local resources and expertise, along with label translation services, to manufacturers and suppliers in select markets:

The International Living Future Institute has collaborated with approved third-party assessors to provide manufacturers with the opportunity for third-party verification of Declare label claims. This optional program offers an additional level of confidence and risk mitigation through the review of all ingredients, supply chain information, and Declare label claims.

Interested in receiving third-party verification? Contact one of the Institute’s approved assessors:

The Declare license is valid for a 12-month period. After this period manufacturers pay a renewal fee and either confirm that the information contained within the Product Declaration Form has not changed or submit a new form.

To support the growth and continued improvement of the Declare program the tiered pricing structure has been updated as of January 1, 2017. We continue to offer three pricing tiers.

Declare Pricing

1 product 2-9 products 10 or more products
$1000/label $850/label $750/label

Additional Details:

  • Renewal pricing will remain at 1/2 the price of a new label.
  • Manufacturers wishing to submit a product with 5 or more manufacturing locations may take advantage of bulk label pricing. To qualify for bulk pricing, all 5+ manufacturing locations must be submitted with the original application. Only additional labels for the same product are eligible for bulk label pricing. The first label for the product will be charged the full fee, with subsequent chemically identical labels charged 1/2 the fee. All renewals will be calculated per the standard renewal rate.
  • All renewals must be submitted or requested within 30 days of the label expiration date to secure renewal pricing. Renewal requests submitted later than 30 days past expiration will be subject to the full label fee.
  • All labels that are not resubmitted or renewed within 30 days will be removed from the database.
  • Label updates requested or processed after the manufacturer has approved the draft label and the label has been published will be subject to a label redraft fee. Any changes to product chemistry will require the resubmission of the product and will be held to the full new label fee.
  • Manufacturers that successfully remove proprietary ingredients or Red List chemicals from their product in order to move to a higher Declaration Status will receive label updates free of charge. Any changes in product chemistry or supply chain that result in a higher Declaration status will be offered free of charge, this includes a fee waiver for one additional new label for optional product offerings when the original label must remain in place. Updates must be submitted within the original Declare label cycle.

Renewal Fee

  • 50% of the above fees if there are no changes to the product
  • 100% of the above fees if changes have been made

Changes to product formulation invalidate the Declare label and require the manufacturer to resubmit documentation and pay another product license fee. The fee is waived if the change is to remove a Red List ingredient.

View the following forms before registering

+ Product Declaration Form

+ Declare Terms & Conditions

Learn how to declare your product on our online platform

+ Declare Quick Guide 10 Min Video: How to Register Your Product

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