Living Product Challenge Certification

Living Product Challenge Certification

Living Product Challenge Certification is based on actual, rather than modeled or anticipated, performance.

There are three pathways to Living Product Certification

We will recognize and certify products on a Petal or Imperative basis provided that a minimum set of 4 Core Imperatives are achieved:

  • Imperative 05: Net Positive Material Health
  • Imperative 07: Red List
  • Imperative 09: Responsible Industry
  • Imperative 20: Inspiration and Education

Full Living Product Certification: A product achieves full Living Product Certification by satisfying all Imperatives.

Petal Certification: At least three of the seven Petals, one of which must be:
-Water Petal
-Energy Petal
-Materials Petal
In addition, each of the four Core Imperatives must be achieved.

Imperative Certification: Imperative Certification requires that at least seven of the twenty Imperatives be achieved, including the four Core Imperatives.

Read the Living Product Challenge Standard

To get started, download the Living Product Challenge 1.0 Standard to understand the basic requirements of the program focusing on the certification levels and the four core Imperatives (outlined above).

+ Download the Living Product Challenge Standard

Even if your product does not yet comply with those core Imperatives, do not be discouraged. We can work with you to explore innovative processes and transform your product to meet the core requirements. We have many examples of working with companies to create more sustainable innovations.

What’s Included with Product Registration?

  • Monthly Project Team Calls
  • Access to premium technical assistance
  • Recognition as a Living Product Challenge registered product

Know Before You Register

  1. Product Name
  2. Product Type
  3. Product Description
  4. Product Development Phase
  5. Payment

Companies will need to complete both a preliminary and final review of their product to achieve certification.

A preliminary review will evaluate and provide rulings on the prescriptive requirements of the Challenge, as well as guidance on the performance-based requirements as outlined in the table below. A ruling on prescriptive Imperatives will be carried forward to the final review.

For the performance based Imperatives the review does not constitute a ruling, but is intended to give the manufacturer assurance that the Imperatives reviewed are in compliance with the requirements and anticipated for certification.

A final review will be performed 12 months after a product is released and will include a manufacturing facility site visit. Imperatives that require a life cycle analysis or LCA and the creation of a Handprint will need to be reviewed during both the preliminary and final review. Certifications will need to be reviewed once every two years or when there are significant changes to the product or its supply chain.

After registration, product teams will be given access to an online portal to submit product documentation. Certification documentation is outlined in the Living Product Challenge Documentation Requirements.

Manufacturers must provide proof of compliance, the process for which is detailed in our documentation requirements.

There are two rules to certifying a Living Product:

• Though all Imperatives are mandatory for full Living Product compliance, we will recognize and certify products on a Petal or Imperative-by-Imperative basis provided that a few fundamental Imperatives are achieved. Many of the Imperatives will have temporary exceptions to acknowledge current market limitations. Temporary exceptions will be modified or removed as the market changes. We require advocacy for essential improvements to the manufacturing and supply chain industries.

• Living Product Challenge Certification is based on actual performance rather than modeled or anticipated results.

Why Certify?

  • Commit to a healthy world for your customers by following the highest standards of non-toxic responsible materials selection
  • Show your commitment to producing materials in a socially responsible manner
  • Prove that you value your employees by prioritizing an equitable workplace
  • Ensure that the production of each and every product actually produces net positive benefits for human’s and the environment
  • Reduce the impact of your product’s lifecycle
  • Showcase your commitment to the healthy materials economy


Contact LPC.CERTIFICATION@LIVING-FUTURE.ORG to register your project.