Project Registration Details

Project registration details

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) offers a suite of high performance building certification programs, including the Living Building Challenge (LBC), Core Green Building Certification (Core), Zero Carbon (ZC), and Zero Energy (ZE). These programs are designed to serve as a philosophy and advocacy tool, as well as a third-party certification based on actual performance. For project teams interested in pursuing certification, all four programs follow the same fee structure, services, and registration process.

program fees

ILFI charges fees for Certification based on project size and complexity, however, the fees collected cover less than half of our operating expenses. As a501c3, we seek philanthropic support to cover the majority of our operating expenses so that we can keep our pricing accessible.

Program fees are calculated on a gross floor area basis as shown in the tables below, except for Single Family Residences which are charged a flat fee. This total is a comprehensive fee that covers registration, certain technical support services, two-part third-party audit, and certification. Fee payment occurs in three installments: 25% at Registration, 50% prior to Construction, and 25% prior to the preliminary Ready Audit.

Project Size ZE & ZC Core
LBC (Petal & Living)
Single Family Res. $3,000
$4,500 $6,000
Square Foot Range $/Sq Ft Minimum $/Sq Ft Minimum $/Sq Ft Minimum
0 74,999 $0.065 $3,750 $0.130 $7,000 $0.190 $10,000
75,000 249,999 $0.055 $4,750 $0.100 $9,750 $0.150 $14,250
250,000 499,999 $0.040 $13,750 $0.080 $25,000 $0.125 $37,500
500,000 749,999 $0.035 $20,000 $0.070 $40,000 $0.110 $62,500
750,000 and above Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote
Project Size ZE & ZC Core
LBC (Petal & Living)
Single Family Res. $3,000
$4,500 $6,000
Square Meter Range $/Sq M Minimum $/Sq M Minimum $/Sq M Minimum
0 6,967 $0.700 $3,750 $1.399 $7,000 $2.045 $10,000
6,968 23,225 $0.592 $4,750 $1.076 $9,750 $1.615 $14,250
23,226 46,451 $0.431 $13,750 $0.861 $25,000 $1.345 $37,500
46,452 69,677 $0.377 $20,000 $0.753 $40,000 $1.184 $62,500
69,678 and above Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote

NOTE: All fees listed in United States Dollars

Registration Value

As part of the program fees, ILFI offers project teams with the following services to support their journey to certification:

  • A dedicated project team coach
  • 3 project status calls
  • Access to ILFI’s platform to request clarifications and exceptions to certification requirements
  • Invitation to project team summits and calls
  • 3 free Living Future Professional memberships, which provide access to program handbooks and other technical resources
  • Third-party Ready Audit upon completion of construction
  • Third-party Final Audit upon completion of 12-month performance period
  • Access to other fee-based technical consulting
  • Recognition as a Registered, Ready, or Certified project

Registration Process

For any project teams that are interested in pursuing one of ILFI’s building certifications, our Sales team will be happy to walk you through the registration process. Please