Mark Frankel

Mark Frankel is the Technical Director for the New Buildings Institute. NBI develops programs, policy, training, and research on high performance buildings and energy efficiency for organizations all over the country. Currently Mark is involved in national coalitions to improve building performance feedback, market adoption strategies for net zero energy and deep energy retrofits, and in the development and implementation of innovative codes and programs focused on building performance outcome and benchmarking. Mark has been consulting on energy efficiency and sustainable design for over 25 years. His work in this period has encompassed a broad range of technical topics, including lighting and daylighting, passive and high performance mechanical systems, commissioning, energy modeling, and site design, IAQ, stormwater management, water efficiency, and others. This work has included life cycle cost evaluation for a range of public and private development models. Mark has consulted on hundreds of capital projects, ranging in scale from single and multi-family residential projects to large commercial buildings and portfolio strategies. Mr. Frankel also has extensive experience with the USGBC’s LEED program, both as consultant to projects successfully targeting LEED, and as a technical consultant to the USGBC on the LEED program. Mr. Frankel has served on the boards of the US Green Building Council, the International Living Future Institute, and the Seattle 2030 District. He is a LEED Fellow and a licensed architect.