• Just.

    The social justice label.


The International Living Future Institute’s JUST Program is a visually elegant social justice transparency platform and disclosure tool. The JUST Program can be viewed as a "nutrition label" for socially responsible organizations, institutions and corporations. The JUST Label provides at-a-glance information about an organization's progress in key social justice categories such as diversity, equity, safety, employee benefit, local benefit and community stewardship. When organizations participate in the JUST Program, they can test how they are really doing in reference to these social justice metrics and, as a result, may choose to work towards greater social justice and equity in the workplace.


All organizations across all sectors and industries with at least five employees are eligible to participate. JUST is a simple, visually elegant tool to communicate your organization’s commitment to social justice and equity policies and practices. Organizations must submit data for a minimum of nineteen of the twenty-two social justice indicators to be eligible to achieve a JUST Label. There is no minimum threshold of performance required to participate in JUST.


An organization wishing to participate in the JUST Program must begin by creating a user account. Once you have accepted program terms and conditions, your organization can begin to upload your organizational profile and preview the JUST website. When your organization is ready to begin uploading policies and data to the JUST website, your organization will need to submit a $100 USD registration fee.

Once registered, the organization can upload to the JUST Program all of the required information for each indicator. The required information is referenced in the JUST Program Manual and is also available as on-line help for each of the indicators in the data entry portion of the organizational profile. Information must be complete in order to receive a label.

All information must be given in a non-personal format without directly identifying individuals and sensitive information and thereby respecting privacy and confidentiality. The Institute will confirm if the submitted information merits a JUST Label and at what scores and will inform the organization accordingly. The organization may still choose to opt out at this point although registration fees are not refundable.

Once the participating organization has approved the content of the JUST Label, the Institute will then publish the organizational profile and supporting documentation on the JUST website. The organization will receive an electronic version of the JUST Label. The Label is valid for two years upon publication and can be renewed once the submitted data has been updated and refreshed. The JUST Program Fee is tiered by size of organization and is due upon receipt of the Label.