Living Product Challenge Resources

Living Product Challenge Resources

The Living Product Challenge Standard

The Living Product Challenge Documentation Requirements

The Living Product Challenge 1.1 Transparent Material Health guide

The Living Product Challenge 1.1 Handprinting Guide

Handprint Calculator

Estimate potential handprints that your organization can generate by improving the life cycle environmental performance of your products.

Footprint Calculator 

Generate a quick and comprehensive assessments of your products’ life cycle.

The calculator is driven by an open input/output life cycle assessment database and harnesses the power of the openLCA open-source software. With this calculator, you can address a comprehensive set of impact categories, including:
• climate change
• water consumption
• human health
• ecosystem impacts

Product Life Database (For use with Footprint Calculator)

This database is a collection of the use-phase detailed product categories. The database includes the energy input requirements of products, their expected lifetimes and their costs.

In-House Workshops

We offer customized training services for organizations to provide teams with comprehensive training. Workshops can be tailored to a specific area of interest or cover an already-established curriculum.

Charette Facilitation 

We want to help you find feasible solutions to achieve product certification. Charettes are kick-off meetings to help you define strategic goals to guide the team through the Living Product Certification process. We can review your product at critical points during the product development cycle such as during beta testing, manufacture retooling, supply chain innovation or wherever there is an opportunity to rethink the direction of a product and how it is made.

Product Design Guidance  

Fine-tune your process to ensure that you’re on the path toward  Living Product Challenge compliance. We’ll work together in a private review with the manufacturer’s design or product development team 
to learn how the product accounts for each Imperative of the Living Product Challenge.

Send us an email to schedule technical assistance or discuss custom assistance opportunities.