About Reveal

About Reveal

Demonstrate your commitment to energy efficiency and transparency.

Reveal is a simple, easy tool to communicate your building’s energy efficiency profile.

Reveal is a nutrition label for buildings.

Using the metric of energy use intensity (EUI), the Reveal label will educate stakeholders about your building’s performance, boosting its visibility and sustainability profile.

Energy Use Intensity  is a metric designed to measure and compare energy efficiency by looking at the amount of energy used (in kBtu) per square foot per year (kBtu/ft2/year). To get this figure we will need your total building energy use for one year and the size of the project in square feet.

What energy baselines are used?

The Reveal label uses different baselines to compare overall energy use for a variety of building types and their locations. One common baseline is ASHRAE 90.1 (American Standard in Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers), an energy efficiency guideline and design criteria for a variety of building types. Using a modeled EUI through the Department of Energy, ILFI compares REVEAL projects with this industry standard. Single family homes and other residential projects are often compared with RECS (Residential Energy Consumption Survey) for a more accurate baseline.

The registration cost is $750.00 (US).

All building types and projects are eligible for Reveal.

All energy sources are eligible and projects do not need to have renewable energy.

There is no minimum or maximum threshold for energy efficiency for projects.

Things to know before you submit:
– general project information,
– energy consumption data
– production from renewable energy information (if applicable)

Each Reveal label is good for two years and is eligible for renewal with new project energy information.

To Reveal your building, email reveal@living-future.org