Douglas Nuttall

Senior Water Resources Engineer, HDR Inc.


Douglas Nuttall, P.Eng., is a broad-spectrum civil engineer with more than 30 years of design experience in land development, municipal planning, and water resources engineering. He has been studying Sustainability Engineering since 1996, trying to understand the underlying theory behind improving quality of life while decreasing negative ecological impacts. While Mr. Nuttall has only designed one stormwater system for a Living Building Challenge, he is confident that as a volunteer with ILFI, he will be able to add meaningfully to the evolution of the process.

He currently works as a design lead for a team of water resources engineers with a firm that has a reputation in Regenerative Design, and he is actively seeking ways to incorporate regenerative approaches into his work.

Doug lives in Elphin, Ontario, on a 300 acre farm that is part of unceded Anishinaabe territory.