Gayathri Unnikrishnan

Founder and CEO, Liveable


Gayathri is the founder and CEO of Liveable, a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations drive environmental change and societal benefit. Through Liveable, she has established an educational hub offering tailored consulting services that facilitate lasting positive transformations in businesses. With a background that spans several continents — born in India, raised in Dubai, educated in Stockholm and at Stanford, and now residing in the Bay Area — she brings a rich perspective to her role. Kicking off her career in the lighting industry, Gayathri is best known for her role in leading standard development at the International WELL Building Institute in New York, where she shaped products and processes that have significantly improved the well-being of thousands globally. Through her podcast Changing Tomorrow, Gayathri delves into conversations around sustainable and positive organizational changes. Outside of work, Gayathri enjoys sunny walks with her dog, or honing her skills at the potter’s wheel.