Jim Nicolow

Principal and Director of Sustainability, Lord Aeck Sargent


A nationally recognized expert on sustainable design, Jim Nicolow, FAIA, LEED Fellow has committed his career to transforming the built environment through leadership and collaboration on significant deep green projects; sustainability education and advocacy; and leadership and mentorship.

Lord Aeck Sargent’s first Director of Sustainability, Jim leads the effort to incorporate sustainable design strategies and features into the firm’s design projects nationally. Jim spearheaded efforts to harness quantitative analysis to inform the design process and has successfully led the LEED certification of more than 80 projects ranging from certified level through platinum. He oversaw the firm’s first Just label in 2017 and two subsequent biannual renewals. Jim was elevated to LEED Fellow in 2012 and AIA Fellow in 2018 and is a frequently published author and noted presenter at conferences nationwide.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys outrigger canoe paddling, hiking, and mountain biking.