Dr. Mae-ling Lokko

Dr. Mae-ling Lokko is an Assistant Professor at Yale University’s School of Architecture and Yale’s Center for Ecosystems in Architecture (Yale CEA) and the founder of Willow Technologies Ltd, in Accra, Ghana. As an architectural scientist, designer and educator from Ghana and the Philippines, her work focuses on the design and integration of biogenic material practices across the agricultural, architectural and textile sectors. Lokko was the Director for the Building Sciences Program and Assistant Professor at Rensselaer’s School of Architecture from 2018-2021. Lokko’s work has been exhibited globally, most recently at Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Nobel Prize Museum, Stockholm; Stedelijk Museum, Netherlands; Museum of the Future, Dubai; Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture, Belgium; Somerset House, London and Triennale Milano, Italy. Her recent research has been funded by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) SOM Foundation, the British Council, MIT’s Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative, Luma Foundation and NYSERDA’s NEXUS Clean Energy Accelerator Program.