Sangeetha Sambandam, LFA

Designer, WRT


Sangeetha Sambandam is a Project Architect at WRT, LLC. She is a leader at WRT’s housing and neighborhoods practice and has worked extensively on affordable housing projects designed to meet high performance building standards, including the Passive House standards. She advocates for thoughtful, implementable, sustainable design solutions and is continually advancing the firm’s discourse surrounding embodied carbon. She enjoys mentoring and sharing time and energy with peers. Through this leadership, she encourages an active exchange of ideas, expanding the knowledgebase within the practice and contributing to long-term sustainability goals.

She is a member of the Green Building United, Philadelphia Board of Directors. She has been a presenter at Green Building United’s Sustainability Symposium, and Phius Con 2021, and has been a guest on the Passive House Accelerator’s Happy Hour and Podcast. She is also an active volunteer for her local community.

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