Erin Rovalo

Vice President, Community


Erin Rovalo, Ph.D. is the Vice President of the Community department overseeing ILFI’s education, events, network, and publishing. Erin collaborates with team leads to develop and carry out the strategic plan that will deliver value to the ILFI community, contribute significantly to the organization’s financial strength, and nurture growth for the Living Future movement.

Since 2004, Erin has been a committed leader and advocate for advanced sustainable design and nature-positive solutions. She is an experienced researcher, speaker, and published author. Having served in leadership roles in green building, nature-inspired innovation, and sustainable design education, Erin subsequently completed a Ph.D. in Design Practice with the Design School at Loughborough University in 2020. In addition to her role at ILFI, Erin is Faculty Associate at Arizona State University and serves on the Board Executive Committee for The Biomimicry Institute.