Chrisney Branch Library – Lincoln Heritage Public Building

In 2007, the Town of Chrisney, a small, rural community of fewer than 600 people, executed a feasibility study for a prospective library facility. The study revealed that a branch of the Lincoln Heritage Public Library could only be realized if it had virtually no operating costs due to the limited capacity of the local […]

David & Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters

The headquarters for The David and Lucile Packard Foundation in Los Altos, California brings staff, grantees and partners together to solve the world’s most intractable problems. Passive, bioclimatic design strategies support the core philanthropic mission while serving as the basis of LEED Platinum building certification and Net Zero Energy performance. The Packard Foundation’s connection to […]


“This is not just a gym. . . . We want this to be a place where our students can learn about being environmentally responsible, so that later in life, when they are making choices, they can say it’s possible.” –Randy Smith, CFO, The Putney School The field house began with a vision. The Putney […]

Hood River Middle School Music & Science Building

The Music and Science Building is the latest addition to the Hood River Middle School (HRMS) campus in Hood River, Oregon. It provides a new facility to serve the school’s remarkable and unique Outdoor Classroom Project based on the principles of Permaculture. Situated directly adjacent to the historic main school building on the campus, the […]

DPR Construction’s Pheonix Regional Office

A living laboratory for the community, DPR Construction’s new office is a unique example of urban revitalization and sustainability. Conceptualized as a “net-zero energy workplace of the future,” DPR Construction (DPR) created an open-office environment housing 58 workstations and floater spaces, nine conference / training / innovation / mediated technology rooms, support spaces, fully-equipped gym/locker […]

DPR San Diego

In 2008, the DPR Construction San Diego regional office made the transition from renter to owner with a purchase of a twenty-five year old “C-class” office building two blocks away from their existing space.  By starting with an integrative design process and high performing team, they were able to isolate specific strategies of sustainability that […]

Fallgren Naturally Healthy Home

This 1,600 sq ft (interior), 2 bedroom, 1 bath home was completed in the spring of 2016 and features super-insulated strawbale walls, natural clay plasters, adobe mass accent walls, straw-clay partition walls, reclaimed wood, stained concrete floors, photovoltaics, hybrid heat pump water heater, efficient lighting, high fire-resistance, and an age-in-place layout. The Fallgrens had dreamt […]

IDeAs Z2 Design Facility

In 2007, when green building typically meant incremental improvements in design and performance, Integral Group (formerly Integrated Design Associates “IDeAs”) set out for radical change. This approach culminated in the creation of the The IDeAs Z2Design Facility, a net zero energy building that emits no carbon dioxide. Through an integrated design approach focused on plug […]

Lopez Community Land Trust – Common Ground

In May 2009, San Juan County Building Department issued Final Occupancy Permits for Common Ground, Lopez Community Land Trust’s fourth affordable housing neighborhood and their first net-zero energy neighborhood in the state of Washington. Common Ground consists of 11 single-family affordable homes. Additionally, LCLT built an office and two affordable rental units. The 11 homes […]


A triumvirate team of Developer/Sustainability-Consultant, Architect, and General Contractor engaged in creating a standard plan prototype house for infill lots in downtown Phoenix. The three main goals were to: The team processed six versions of the design. They tested, energy-modeled, and priced each to find an optimal balance between design, performance, and cost. The two-bedroom home […]

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